Siestes musicales et ateliers

Musical naps :

In a world that goes too fast, take your time, rest, breathe, listen...

This is what the "Mécanique des sons" proposes during a musical nap of 20 to 30 minutes where young and old are taken through the sound landscapes of the north de France. Enjoy a quiet time listening to nature sounds, melodies and effects played on keyboards and other machines, and animal songs delivered by the "Piano-Bêtes". Mécano Sonore invites you to marvel and contemplate.

Possibility to play in gardens, parks, farms, playgrounds, media libraries and other unusual places, contact the Mécano Sonore for more information:

Teaser Sieste Musicale :

Sounds worpkshop :

For all audiences, these workshops can take different forms:

  • Introduction to listening and sound recording with recorders and microphones
  • Experimentation with the sounds of plants, objects and materials (by touch)
  • Sound composition or soundscapes (Music production software)

For more information and prices:

Workshop with the sound of plants (Photo credit: Luc m Martin)

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