DIY windscreen ORTF

How make a windscreen muff for ORTF Microphones in 8 steps ?

The windscreen muff for ORTF microphones are almost rare or very expensive. Given the size of my wallet and my attraction for DIY, so I made my own ORTF windscreen with 2 microphones with cardioid Sennheiser K6, ME64 heads.

So, make your windscreen muff ORTF in 8 steps, you need:

  • 63mm diameter tube with cap (DIY store)
  • Rigid foam or adhesive felt plates (DIY store)
  • Thread Ring microphone clip (music store)
  • 2 Balls “Oball” (toys store)
  • Synthetic Fur or Windjammer Rycote for Baby Ball Gag (internet store)

.1st STEP :

Take a drill to drill 4 holes diameter 22 mm (diameter of K6 microphone) into the tube to fit the angle of 110° and microphone head of 17 cm (ORTF’s method) :

2nd STEP :

Drill in the middle of a plug hole of 14 mm diameter to fix the threaded ring for microphone holder (return force or glued) :

 3rd STEP :

Paste PVC cap on the tube of 63 mm:

 4th STEP :

Cut a piece of foam (or sheets of felt) of dimension 45 x 25 mm, enter the first microphone in the bottom holes and place the foam inside the tube, above the micro. The objective is to block microphones in the tube:

5th STEP :

Surround the wiring tape around one of the cells of the Oball, this stand the microphone k6 22mm diameter. Repeat the operation for the second ball and try to assemble them in order to adjust (look the 2nd photo):

6th STEP :

Sew in reverse a synthetic fur square of 130 x 130 mm on 3 sides, the slide on a Oball and sew on the taped cell, repeat this step for the 2nd Oball:

7th  STEP :

So that Oball well fit on the windscreen ORTF, you can add elastics:

8th  STEP :

Join the microphones and Oballs and this is the great contemporary art you need to get:

ortf bonnettes

With the threaded ring of a standard format, you can put this on a small windscreen ORTF microphone stand (as the picture above), on a pole, or even better on a tripod for the field recording (picture below) :

fampoux - nature
Example in the nature

You can replace synthetic fur by Windjammer Rycote for Baby Ball Gag, so its better against strong wind

Example on the “terril” in the north of France

It’s ready ! Let’s go to recording…

Well, it is true, should not rely on this form of furry beast but rather the sound color, besides all the sounds of the creations of this website have been made with the windscreen ORTF (listen for example “Trafic Nature” broadcasting with Arte Radio)

Finally, if you have any questions, please write me and let me also share your ideas studding…

Sorry for my bad english : Original article in french